About Us


BusTechnic, which started its commercial activities in 1998, was among the companies that are the pioneers of continuous development and positive change with the attention paid to team work.

BusTechnic aimed to operate in two branches as light commercial vehicle equipment and medical products during its establishment. As a result of the demands coming from the sector after its establishment, it included the equipment, automation and products of Intercity Bus, Municipality (City) Buses, Light Rail Systems, Excavation Trucks and Passenger Vehicles to its services.

It has managed to become a successful company in the equipment industry soon with the supportive services in Bus, Light Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Cars and Construction fields in Turkey.

BusTechnic, which continues its operations according to international standards with its quality management systems, has been serving foreign companies for many years in order to achieve its success at home and abroad.

While the need for aftermarket (A / M) products in the automotive industry is increasing all over the world, BusTechnic increases its market share day by day with its high quality products and price advantage.

BusTechnic provide added value to Turkey’s economy in aftermarket (A / M) sector via domestic products it offer in the market and products it export.

BusTechnic, provides services in material supply, automation solutions and test works for its special equipment that can be used in the automotive industry and many other industrial fields with its mission and engineering and marketing experience.


Our Company’s Vision;


By constantly improving itself, fulfilling the requirements of its establishment purpose; To be an organization sensitive to the environment and people, leading the design, project and production processes towards the expectations of the customers with its creative and administrative staff.


Our Company’s Mission;


In the area of ​​Automotive Technologies, Medical Services and Automation; A company that pioneers in providing reliable and high value products and solutions to customers and providing services for expectations is aimed by targeting customer satisfaction at local and global level.